Doing Business in Indonesia

· Business and Investment

In relation to investment activities, legality is essential for the investment, business, especially for the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

Our business role is mainly to “synchronize” the legal compliance, permit/license processing of  Domestic and Foreign Direct Investment (PMA) to the appropriate rule, regulation and Investment law in Indonesia, under the following main steps:

  • Advisory services to help domestic and foreign investor clients or corporations to understand the legalities of establishing and structuring their companies and investment in Indonesia.
  • Assist domestic and foreign investor clients to obtain all permit & license of Foreign Direct Investment (PMA) and Incorporation of  Private Limited Companies (PT) in Indonesia for the legitimate 100% approval.

Since commencement of operations in 1990, Buntario Tigris, SH., SE., MH. has been advising, consulting and assisting numerous and diverse foreign clients originating from ASEAN and most Asian countries, Africa, Europe, and America to establish company in term of setting up their business in Indonesia. They are investing in such sectors: banking & financial services, infrastructure, and manufacturing, plantation, mining, property & real estate, trading / export-import. And the business scale is varying from small, medium to multinational.

Recently, hundreds of clients, both of Foreign (PMA) and Domestic Companies (PMDN) have been running successfully in Indonesia and most of them are our loyal, valuable and regular clients, who are very satisfied with our guaranteed time frame and reasonable cost .

We look forward to welcome you and presenting our valuable advisory and dedicated services to support your business and investment plan in Indonesia.

BUNTARIO TIGRIS, SH., SE., MH. – Notary Public & PPAT


Jl. Batu Ceper No.19 DEF,  Jakarta Pusat 10120, Indonesia

Phone     :  (62-21)  3512438  Hunting         Fax   :  (62-21)  3512442

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